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Last modified: Thu, Oct 17, 2019

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Richard Stallman (RMS)

He started the GNU project. The GPL license is probably one of the most important things that he originally wrote when it comes to free software.

The GNU project contains a lot of commands which many use daily on their system. It also contains GCC, which is still one of the most popular compilers today. GCC is the standard compiler of most GNU and Linux projects. There are a lot of cool things like GNU Emacs which are a part of the GNU project.

The UNIX philosophy was made by AT&T which was a closed source company. GNU stands for GNU Not UNIX. It provides you the four freedoms.

Please don’t say that you have a UNIX-like system. The idea about free software is great in my opinion, but it has some bad sides as well.

I don’t respect stealing code of someone else without asking permission or without mentioning the old maintainers/developers. I do respect forking it and changing it. The difference is change. It is ok to fork if you make changes and don’t remove the copyright notices in my opinion.

James Gosling

James Gosling is the father of the Java programming language. He created Gosling Emacs based on some other Emacs like things which RMS forked. RMS apperantly stole his code and changed the copyright notices when he released a new version of Emacs. He modified that version afterwards.

Some claim that RMS wrote Emacs, but he actually rewrote it. Many people came before him. He didn’t even like Emacs at the start, since it was too close to the UNIX philosophy. James Gosling his version became popular, but he also borrowed ideas of others.

Linus Torvalds

He created the Linux kernel. I don’t know much about him. Linux is a well-known kernel. Creating a kernel is a huge job, but so is creating the tools on top of it.

Terry A. Davis

He created TempleOS and claimed that God commanded him to create it. He made TempleOS alone and even wrote a own variation of the C language called HolyC for it. He used to claim that he was the greatest programmer that has ever lived.

TempleOS is released in the public domain, so anyone can use it without any restrictions. I like to see it as a wonderful piece of art, which you can download for free

Terry died but, shouldn’t be forgotten. He was a gifted programmer. Writing an entire operating system is not a small job.

What I think of them

I find that they all deserve some respect. Computing probably wouldn’t be the same without them.

RMS, James Gosling and Linus Torvalds worked with a team and many of the great people who helped them also deserve some respect in my opinion.

They might all have/had their own problems, but they created wonderful things.

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