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Who am I?

Who am I?

I am a supporter of free software. I am twenty years old. The college that I go to is called "Hogeschool PXL" WARNING this site contains proprietary or unlicensed JS! .

You can find more information about me on this page.



I like pets and we currently have two dogs in our house. Their names are "Faye" and "Sienna". They come from an animal shelter. The dog on the left is Sienna, the other dog is Faye.

Two dogs next to each other.

More dog pictures



I am an Atheist just because I have never seen a "God".

I do believe in karma so I believe that doing good things will bring you good things and that doing bad things will bring you bad things. I also just don't see the purpose of not trying to live your life righteous.

Spying on users just looks unethical to me so I do support free software. This does not mean that I am against other software. I just have my preferences.



I personally try to not use drugs but I am not against people who use drugs. The only drug I currently do from time to time is caffeine as in coffee or energy drinks. I would take medication when I get sick which is also a drug.

I currently prefer tea over coffee. Tea can also contain caffeine, but it is usually not as much caffeine as coffee.

What is a drug?

Drugs are any substances which you provide to you body and cause a physiological (and often psychological) change to the body. It is usually something addictive.

Some examples of drugs are alcohol, caffeine, medication, cannabis,...

Advantages of not using the most drugs

  • It makes you look like a strong person who can handle peer pressure;
  • You might live longer (medical drugs could provide this as well);
  • You don't waste time on doing drugs;
  • You might feel more natural/healthy;
  • ...;

Advantages of using the most drugs

  • People might accept you more if you do a drug like alcohol since it is accepted in our civilisation;
  • It might keep you awake and/or help you with medical issues;
  • You might enjoy it;
  • ...;

My personal conclusion/opinion

Drugs are not always bad and can even be useful in some cases. I think that it is good to avoid some drugs but not all. Medication can be important.

Decide for your own if you want to use certain drugs. Some drugs have nasty after effects which you probably want to avoid.



Musical notes.

Musical notes - Public Domain licensed.

What I don't like

I usually don't judge people by what they listen to. I probably won't complain about your music taste. Everyone likes different stuff. There are some genres which I personally don't like though.

I don't like dubstep, hardcore, house and other noisy background beats as I like to call them. Don't confuse this with Classical music, Jazz or other genres. I might enjoy those music genres. I usually don't like "pop" either, but there are exceptions to the rule.

What I do like

There are a few music genres which I like to listen to nowadays. This list might change from time to time. My taste in music changes every once in a while.


I enjoy most Nerdcore, probably because I am a bit of a geek/nerd myself.

Some of the Nerdcore artists which I enjoy are YTCracker, Schäffer the Darklord (STD), Dual Core, MC Frontalot,...

Hip hop

I don't like all the hip hop artists, but there are some exceptions to the rule. I don't like every song of the mentioned artists though.

Some of the hip hop artists which I can listen to are The Jokerr, Tech N9ne, Wrekonize, ¡MAYDAY!, Krizz Kaliko, Prozak,...

Alternative rock, Indie rock

Bôa is a band which I discovered through "Serial Experiments Lain", one of the only animes that I have seen.

Progressive rock

Pink Floyd is a pretty well known band which I like to listen to as well.


First of all, I haven't studied or researched any music. I just mention the music which I enjoy.

Achille-Claude Debussy

Podcasts and shows

Technology related podcasts and shows

I follow a few technology related podcasts to stay up to date with the new tech stuff and to see other people their opinions.

The Lunduke Show

The Lunduke Show contains Technology News, GNU+Linux stuff, Retro Computing,...



MP3 RSS Feed:

Libre Lounge

Libre Lounge contains various topics involving user freedom, crossing free software, free culture, network and hosting freedom, libre hardware designs,...




Xah Lee Talkshow

Xah Lee is a GNU Emacs user who talks about a lot of things. From keyboard design to art and math. He has a lot of content on his website.

I don't follow everything which he puts out, but I do follow him. He is honest and says his opinions even when many people won't like his opinion. I find him a pretty interesting person, but I don't agree with everything that he says.

Website: WARNING this site contains proprietary or unlicensed JS!


Stuff which I should check out some day

There are a few podcasts which I haven't listened to yet.