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Last modified: Sun, Dec 1, 2019

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What I don't like

I usually don't judge people by what they listen to. I usually won't complain about your music taste. Everyone likes different stuff. There are some genres which I don't like though.

I don't like dubstep, hardcore, house and other noisy background beats. Don't confuse this with Classical music, Jazz or other genres. I enjoy those music genres. I usually don't like “pop” either, but there are exceptions to the rule.

What I do like


I enjoy Nerdcore, keep in mind that Nerdcore isn't always hip hop. The part of the Nerdcore genre that I listen to is mostly hip hop though. Nerdcore is a culture. It can include many genres.

Hip hop

There is a ton of hip hop, which I actually don't like, but there are exceptions.

Alternative rock, Indie rock

Progressive rock


First of all, I haven't studied or researched any music. I just mention the music which I enjoy.

Other music

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