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Last modified: Sun, Dec 1, 2019

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My current distro is Arch

I currently run Arch. I don’t like systemd, but the AUR has so many packages. The good sides are greater as the bad sides for me. I have been a long time Debian-based distro user and I like stability. I also like up to date packages though.

I don’t have installation scripts for my current configuration for Arch. I have that for Devuan. I might create that one day, but it costs time.

Rolling is not stable

A Arch user which asks his mom to cancel his meetings because his xorg.conf broke.

Arch xorg.conf broke. It is probably public domain licensed, since it is one of those internet jokes - CC0 licensed.

People often say that rolling is not stable. There is some truth in that, but I haven’t had any problems with that yet. I actually find it more stable. Probably because I used some specific things like virtualbox repositories and custom builded packages like Emacs on Devuan.

I recommend to keep the system minimal. Having many packages causes that you have a higher chance on problems with broken packages.

I don’t like systemd

I disabled many default systemd services which I don’t need. I find that systemd does too much. It also broke my networking service. I had to install the dhclient package even though I already had dhcpcd. That fixed my networking problems. My network manager, wicd worked perfectly fine on Devuan.

I know that Artix (Arch without systemd) exists. The problem is compatibility with the AUR. Most packages expect that you have systemd. It is better to just use systemd to avoid package conflicts with the AUR.

The Arch Way

I often don’t recommend to install Arch “The Arch Way”. People want convenience. Using the commandline to install your distro can be great, but it often costs people valuable time. Most people won’t need most commands which you use during the install.

Don’t get me wrong installing it through the commandline can be fast and has advantages. Many Arch users say taht you should only use Arch if you do the commandline install. I don’t agree.

Doing it to learn the commands is understandable, but I would recommend to try Linux From Scratch in a virtual machine instead if you want to learn much.

Arch installers

Arch Zen Installer

The Zen Installer provides a full graphical (point and click) environment for installing Arch Linux. It can even detect and install the video drivers which you need. You don’t have as much options as archfi, but you can install the needed packages after your basic Arch install.


A bash installer which you can run after booting into the Arch ISO. You don’t have as much options as installing Arch “The Arch Way”, but you can install the needed packages after your basic Arch install. The installer is pretty broad and has many options.

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