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Are internet memes overrated?

What is an internet meme?

What is an internet meme?

An internet meme is commonly known as just a meme, which means something else apparently. An internet meme is an activity, concept, catchphrase, or piece of media that spreads, often for humorous purposes, from person to person via the internet.

That was a bit of text... you can usually just replace the term "internet meme" with "internet joke" or "internet content". The term "internet meme" is correct though.

That last definition is very unclear. A simple avatar or profile picture is an internet meme, according to that definition. The internet memes that I wrote about in this article are the common humorous image and short humorous video formats of the internet memes.

Is it overrated?

The value of an internet meme

An internet meme usually does not have a lot of value in my opinion. The jokes can be funny for a few minutes. The fun that you get from it usually does not last long.

I personally think that watching a movie might satisfy you more if you want to have a laugh.


Many social media contains so many internet memes that it clutters the content which you might want to see. It can act like spam for the people who don't want to see that content.

I personally think that an internet meme wastes space for actual educational/important content.

The internet meme culture

Internet memes are famous. Many people who share different content also share internet memes. That can be annoying if you only want to see the other content.

There are so many types and sizes of internet memes. Many internet meme communities claim that the internet memes from 9gag and ifunny are very poorly made.

I honestly think that the most internet memes are poorly made. There are exceptions though. Even most of the famous 4chan memes are pretty poorly made in my opinion.

I personally don't usually visit chans or forums. I usually only visit technology related pages/boards if I do.


I find internet memes overrated. This does not mean that I can't be friends with people who share internet memes.

We probably can't stop those people from posting them. The culture seems to be pretty big, so it is also pretty hard to get rid of that specific type of content.

I don't want to get rid of internet memes since I think that you can't do it anyways. You can't arrest an idea. The people who use internet memes might enjoy them. I think that tool to block internet memes could be useful for some people.

I think that it can be used to fill up some content. Images can make your content more readable for some people. I personally would prefer related images over internet memes. In fact I might include some internet memes if they are related to the content.

The thing that I don't like about internet memes is that they don't seem to add a lot of value, and they can waste space for other educational content. They also tend to be overused which makes them a bit boring.