Linux Challenge 2019 by FPS Finance


Linux Challenge 2019 by FPS Finance

What is this?

What is this?

The Linux Challenge was a challenge in which questions related to GNU+Linux must be answered within the time.

The finals were in Belgium so it was mainly meant for people from Belgium.

I wanted to give this a try, since I personally use GNU+Linux as operating system. I use it daily, but this does not necessarily mean that I really know GNU+Linux.

The student winners of the Linux Challenge 2019 standing next to each other.

The student winners of the Linux Challenge 2019 standing next to each other -
I couldn't find the license, but I am pretty sure that I can use this.
I don't think that I accepted a right to take pictures of me either to be honest.

I am the person on the right with the beard.
I got the second place within the student winners.

My experience

The questions

The questions were pretty doable in my opinion, but I am not going to say that luck has nothing to do with that. They mentioned that the scores were pretty high, so the ones who did not win should be proud as well.

Most questions went pretty smoothly, but not all did. The way that the challenge was done was pretty comfortable and good in my opinion.

Some feelings

I felt a bit out of my comfort zone when they mentioned my name since I did not expect it. I am an introvert and was not very social or talkative during the event. My dad drove me to the event and was also watching which did not really help either. I appreciate the support though.

I can only blame me for not talking much. It is something that I want to work on. I am probably not the most asocial introvert, but being asocial happens from time to time.

There also was a talk from Red Hat about containers. That talk was pretty interesting. Containers are pretty popular and handy. It was a good experience overall.

Isn't this event proprietary?

Isn't this event proprietary?

It probably is in some way, but you have to make sacrifices like the founder of the free software foundation says. I support free software, but not everything is black and white.

I also believe that there are different types of proprietary software. Some might want to keep the code secret for no reason. Others might focus on spying on the user.

Different opinions

I am not someone who complains about terms which I don't agree with. I try to see why others have a different opinion.

I completely understand why people use the term "Linux" instead of "GNU+Linux". Linux is just an easier term to market and people know the term.

This does not mean that I agree with the term. I think that the GNU project deserves credit. You can find more info about this naming controversy problem at my computing page.

Is everyone an hypocrite?

Everyone probably depends on some proprietary stuff (even if it are just some protocols or bank card stuff). Everyone probably also depends on free software. Everyone might be a hypocrite.

All solutions are hacks. Every opposite is an equal
(and if it attracts, look out or you'll make a sequel).
Freedom's a right but having any means you're privileged.
And our religion of consumerism might have hit a glitch.
Clowns are unhappy. Jugglers drop stuff.
I display cowardice whenever you talk tough.
My least favorite thing is a hypocrite, but I'll be one.

- MC Frontalot (Front The Least)

Thanks to...

Thanks to...

I would like to thank a friend who told me about this event. I wouldn't have heard about this event if it wasn't for her. That said, I felt like I owned her a drink so I bought her one.

I obviously also should thank the college, which I go to and the organisators of the event. The college that I go to is called "Hogeschool PXL" and the organisators of this event were EDITx and FPS Finance.