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SBCL Browser Engine

What is this?

What is this?

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A browser engine is the core of every web browser. It is the part of the browser which renders your pages.

This browser engine is a yet unnamed project which focuses on customizability and extensibility.

It should become a browser engine with editable options. These options should make it possible to create different configurations. Some configurations could focus on privacy while others could focus on a browser with many features for average users.

Why would you make this?

Why would you make this?

The browser engine market is rather small, and yet I hear many people complaining that they can't do some things in their browser.

Some of these things are:

  • New keybindings (vim and emacs ones for example);
  • Blocking non-free JavaScript;
  • Enforcing higher security to the user;
  • Default external link behavior (some configuration options could be: new tab, new window or default);
  • ...;

I think that most of these "issues" are fixable by creating a heavily extendable and customizable browser engine.

How can you achieve extendibility?

How can you achieve extendibility?

I am thinking of doing this by creating different packages. The basic browser engine should already contain some by default though.

You might immediately think "so this is like emacs" and yes indeed it should be like emacs. This means that the configuration would be a lisp file. In other words something that could look like a programmable list of settings.

LISP like languages offer us the possibility to create something like this. This is also the reason why I decided that I wanted to use SBCL.

Where can I follow this project?

Where can I follow this project?

First of all, I could use some extra contributors and maintainers since this is a huge project.

The project is currently on gitlab but it might move to GNU Savannah when it gets bigger.

Feel free to contact me if you are interested.

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