The programming culture sucks


The programming culture sucks

It is all in the details

It is all in the details

People complain about the smallest things in programming.
Ha, you don't format your code like this and you don't use the "cloud".
You must be a bad programmer.

A newspaper with a picture of angry Grampa Simpson who yells at a cloud in the air. The headline of this newspaper is 'OLD MAN YELLS AT CLOUD'.

Image from Episode 13, Season 13 of The Simpsons.
I assume that it is public domain licensed, since it is one of those internet memes - Public Domain licensed.

All those small things add up.
It becomes super annoying.
People spread too much nonsense about programming.

The worst part is that there just is no "one right way". People make that stuff up, but you never see any proof. It is something that annoys many people.

Yes, some things are a bit better as others, but there is no "one true way". You are not superior when you use some new hot technology. In fact, some new stuff actually seems to be worse in some areas.

A rant about the perfect programming language

There is no such thing as the perfect programming language.
People just should teach others how to use a language correctly.

There are different styles and ideas in the programming culture because we are people. We like different things.

People who spread these lies usually believe them. I don't think that we can stop them, but those ideas might do some harm.

Only facts matter. Some languages are indeed faster or easier for some jobs, but that does not mean that everyone likes the syntax of that language. Syntax can make a language more user-friendly for some people, so it is something that could matter.

You might find a programming language the best language, but remember that it is not the best language for every purpose. Your cool language is not the best language for everyone.

What is important to software quality?

What is important to software quality?

  • How good the programmer can actually program;
  • How much the programmer actually knows about the project;
  • How good the programmers can work in a team;
Examples and solutions

Which "methodology" should you use?

A better question might be: Does the methodology really matter?
None of these methodologies tend to be proven. Many of these just are "buzzwords". Many of these "methodologies" change after a few years. It all sounds like a bunch of nonsense.

Many great software has been developed without your "perfect" methodology. I am not saying that it is bad to follow one, it might actually help for some people, but it is not for everyone.

A small successful project can probably even be developed without any methodology.

Dr. Evil air quotes 'We do devops already just without agile, standups, CI, code or any of that hipster stuff'.

Image with custom text from the Austin Powers movie.
I assume that it is public domain licensed, since it is one of those internet memes - Public Domain licensed.

How new stuff could make things worse

A simple webpage can ask for a lot of resources nowadays.
Many of those resources can go to tracking.

I am fine if it asks resources for some advanced functionality... but for SPYING? Are you serious? Spying?

Many companies still see spying as a good thing since selling personal data makes them money. This looks super unethical to me, which is why I support free software.

There are other ways.
You can, for example, ask your user for feedback.

Dumb programming buzzwords

The "cloud" is a buzzword.
Can't we call it a server instead?
That is what it actually is, isn't it?

The term "server" is at least something that many understand. The data which you store in your favourite "cloud" is actually no longer your data. It is on someone else's server and they might be able to look into your data.

The thing about many buzzwords is that they are not needed. Many of these are probably just used to market the idea. Many who speak about some new trendy thing don't even know what they are talking about. Something that is trending is not always good to implement.

We obviously need words to talk, but some words seem useless, since they don't have a clear meaning.

Good things about the industry

Good things about the industry

  • Many programming jobs pay well;
  • Some companies treat programmers really well;
  • Some companies allow working from home;
  • The programming industry is big, and you get the opportunity to learn many new things;
  • ...;

Programming is probably still one of the better jobs out there. This is mainly an article to convince others to change their habits. Please use arguments if you want to say that something is better as something else.



There are some valid arguments out there, but actually check your sources. Some languages are indeed better or easier for some jobs. Benchmarks can be fake as well, so don't trust every random website.

What others think

What others think

Xah Lee is a pretty well-known emacs user. His Why Software Suck WARNING this site contains proprietary or unlicensed JS! page contains his opinion about the programming culture.