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Last modified: Fri, Dec 13, 2019

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Geekish platforms

I enjoy the Fediverse and other geekish platforms. I will stay there. I love that it isn’t focused on collecting your data and spreading fake news. It also does not have ads.

It has some disadvantages though. The amount and type of people which you can reach is different. It is a minority of people. I want to see how other types of people think as well.

There are some people from which I want to see updates, but I can’t because they are not on the same platform.

The ActivityPub protocol still has many known problems, but it works. I don’t mind to use it, since it also has some advantages.

One great thing about these geekish platforms is that it does not contain that much media and fake news. I really like that.

Why Twitter?

People which I can’t reach now

I want to see what other types of people are doing and I want to see some posts of people who just aren’t on the Fediverse yet.

To spread awareness

It makes it possible to spread the awareness of the more geeky platforms. This seems logical. These platforms can be more known. There just isn’t much info about them on other platforms. I will probably remove Twitter when more people move to the Fediverse.

You might think “Just convince them to use the Fediverse”. Well, that is not always easy and you have to be realistic. It can happen in time, but the word has to be spread first.

Think about it, just yelling in the Fediverse that it is nice isn’t going to spread the word to many people who are not on the Fediverse yet.

I don’t think that it is bad that it is not that known, but I want the Fediverse or a platform like it which gets popular

Why Twitter?

I picked Twitter of all those platforms, because Facebook is dying and Twitter is big enough to be able to reach the right people.

There are reasons to not use such platforms. I don’t often recommend social media in general. It is a great way to influence people, but it has many downsides as well.

Twitter Terms of Service, in a readable format

Yes, they collect your data. Yes, they don’t like Tor users. I do not support that. I also realy dislike that they block Tutanota mail-addresses. I made a protonmail account so that I could make a Twitter… A bit disappointing to say the least.

Much respect to you if you don’t use social media.

I wrote about social media before in the following article: Media and social media

You can find my account here: @wils_robin

The nick “robinwils” was already taken by some account which has only one tweet from 2010.

Home > Articles > Why I made a Twitter