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Last modified: Thu, Feb 27, 2020

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I follow a few podcasts about technically topics to stay up to date with the new tech stuff and to see other people their opinions.

The Lunduke Show

The Lunduke Show contains Technology News, GNU and Linux stuff, Retro Computing,…

Libre Lounge

Libre Lounge contains various topics involving user freedom, crossing free software, free culture, network and hosting freedom, libre hardware designs,…

Xah Lee Talkshow

Xah Lee is a GNU Emacs user who talks about a lot of things. From keyboard design to art and math. He has a lot of content on his website.

I don’t follow everything which he puts out, but I do follow him. He is honest and says his opinions even when many people won’t like his opinion. I find him a pretty interesting person, but I don’t agree with everything that he says.

Home > Recommendations > Podcasts and shows